"Tell Me A Digital Story" is designed to provide teachers with information and resources that will equip them to enhance their students' learning by telling stories digitally.

Digital Storytelling is the practice of using computer-based tools to tell a story.

Why Tell Digital Stories?

  • To interest and motivate
  • To develop communication and multimedia skills
  • To encourage self-motivation
  • To help students develop organizational skills used in the writing process
  • To allow students to be creative and innovative
  • To reach all learning styles
  • The products can easily be shared online

Getting Started

  1. Things you will need

    1. Internet access
    2. Royalty Free Images and Sounds
    3. Microphone and speakers (or headphones with mic)
  2. Process

    1. Decide on a topic (see the **Idea** link)
    2. Write the story
    3. Record the author reading the story (audio recording and editing)
    4. Capture and process the images to further illustrate the story (image scanning and editing)
    5. Combine audio and images (and any additional video) onto a time-line, add music track (video editing)
    6. Add Background Music, Titles, Transitions, and Effects (Optional... if there is time)
    7. Present or publish finished version of story

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