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Ideas for Stories

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  • Create a VoiceThread like this one featuring photos and questions about each that that can be used for ideas.Cog Dog Roo VoiceThread
  • Create a set of pictures from Flickr and show with projector
    • Sunrise- a time to re-energize, start over
    • Road - a theme of travel, movement, going somewhere
    • Despair - devastation, loss of hope, travesty
    • Grandmother- someone special in your life
  • Favorite childhood pet
  • Memorable vacation
  • Place you would like to visit
  • Adventurous thing you have done

Grade Level Ideas

For Elementary Students

  • What you did last weekend
  • Fantasy story
  • Important event in your life
  • Story to illustrate math concepts

For Middle School Students

  • Biography/Autobiography
  • Story about an environmental problelm
  • Story as told by historical figure (Confucius, Joan of Arc, etc)
  • Multiending Story

For High School Students:
  • Fictional narrative
  • Story to illustrate a loaw of physics or scientific theory
  • Create a story that identifies social or political problem

Lesson Plans & Activities

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